One-on-One Support for Those Who Stutter

Natural solutions, one-on-one support, and gentle understanding.



Stuttering is a Multi-Faceted Issue

Let’s Help You Minimize and Manage Your Stuttering by:

Balancing Brain Chemistry

Balancing brain chemistry can have a profound effect on reducing stuttering, sometimes 80%-90% or more. We work to support your brain chemistry to correct any imbalances naturally.

Reducing Stress & Anxiety

Often, stress and anxiety don’t cause stuttering, but they can sure make it worse. We work to minimize life stress and anxiety to minimize their disruption on your speech.

Optimizing Lifestyle Choices

There are a lot of ways to affect brain chemistry, many of them behavioral. Things like ample, high quality sleep matter, and we’ll work to find ways to increase your quality of speech & quality of life.

Finding A Community of Peers

No one thrives being alone all the time, and stuttering can be isolating. It is important to find a safe, supportive community of peers to help soften the issues around stuttering.

Brain Chemistry and Stuttering

Links between stuttering and brain chemistry and varied and deep.  Not only is brain chemistry unique to the individual, so is the behavior and psychology around stuttering. The truth is, imbalances in brain chemistry can have a profound effect on stuttering, and as such, balancing brain chemistry can have a profound effect on fluency.

This is an emerging area of research and therapy, one that holds a lot of promise for those who stutter.

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